April Weekend Tournament #3

Dear All

This weekend see’s us host our first weekend tournament on PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One and PC. The rules across all platforms are the same but the rewards are slightly different….!

The tournament can be found on our live tournament section from 4pm BST today and runs through to 8am BST on Monday and takes place on the famous St Johns lake and the rules are simple – you have 3 x 60 separate attempts to catch as many fish as possible to obtain the biggest weight that you can! You will need to decide if you are going to catch little and often to build your weight up or try to target the bigger fish that are swimming in St Johns!

On PC and Xbox One, this competition counts towards the April Global League (current rankings will be provided next week) where the leaderboards continue to be close and constantly changing!

On PlayStation 4, you have the chance to win extra experience points (XP) and tackle points (TP) than you would in a normal tournament. The top 200 players will win 500 XP and 750 TP. The top 50 players will win 750 XP and 1000TP but the top 10 players will win 1000 XP and 1500 TP!

Good luck everyone!

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  • I am having a problem connecting with the live tournament 3, as of 12-05pm, Wednesday 19/04/2017. I have tried to join the tournament for one hour with no success, it says on my screen……..score, Total Weight. Attempts,2/2. Positions:1-5,800xp/1000TP. Positions:6-16, 600xp/750TP. Positions: 16-25, 400xp/500TP. Info, tells you about the tournament.

    Does this mean, you can only enter the tournament twice in 24 hours? If that is the case then it’s pretty rubbish, if it’s not the case……then why am I getting a message saying…”refreshing Tournaments, Please Wait”, I have had this message for over one hour, and it’s crap I can’t join a tournament. Please respond, my email is wolfman34p@yahoo.com or wolfman34p@hotmail.com. Thanks.

    • Yes John, if you have had two separate attempts then that is the most you are able to do for this particular tournament I’m afraid

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