Baitworks Features in Euro Fishing

As many of you would have noticed, in our most recent patch, you were given some new t-shirts to choose from including one from top bait manufacturer, Baitworks.

We’re delighted to say that Baitworks have signed a licensing deal to feature in the game and our next update will see you being able to purchase some of their famous boilies to help you land your next digital personal best! Renowned for being a quality bait that fish find hard to resist, we are sure that the fish in game will feel the same way to!

For more information on Baitworks, head over to their fantastic website and make sure you pay particular attention to their Summer Special offers.



  • Bout time new baits were added but first the next update should be to sort this game out after that last update ruined it and made it no longer fun to play a few of my friends have given up on the game already since the last update & I loved the game when I first got it but now im really losing my patience with this game and unless its sorted soon ill be giving up on the game sadly enough is enough fighting single fish for hours in real time not game time is a joke and very boring!also Catchin tiny fish like 12oz roach on size 4 hooks n 20mm baits is absolutely ridiculous anyway could be here all day naming all the problems on this game & update so ill leave it there!

  • Here here! 🖒

  • Was expecting to see Baitworks boilies implemented into the latest dlc but was disappointed to see they are not. Can you tell us when you guys expect then update to go live on xbox one please.

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