Boss fish, also called “target fish”, are the stars that everyone wants to catch. They are often some of the biggest of their species in any location and/or have unique features or scale patterns. Either way, a boss fish is one that doesn’t get caught often and wont come to the net without putting up a good fight!

Here’s a small selection of boss fish you can go after in game. What’s your favourite boss fish? Share your screenshots if you’ve caught any of them!



DTG Darren N

Darren is Fishing Brand Manager at Dovetail Games, and also a keen carp angler. His personal best is a 30lb 14oz mirror carp and gets out onto the lake as often as he can.


  • I don’t know where to post this but several times on xb1 I get a large catfish on St John’s lake it swims into the bank even through tent and results in losing the fish ????? Why does this keep happening

  • Hello. Dovetail game euro fishing i was wonder can we have the trout the pike and eels in also more fish like fly fishing also can we sit down on the chair when we are fishing and sleep in the camp tent

  • Just caught cheetah the 100lb catfish it was an amazing 20min fight my heart was in my mouth I thought it was only 45lb I was so relieved when I banked it.

  • Just had a 50lb 0oz common called hermana any1 else banked this?

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