Community Update

Hi all,

As you’re all aware, we’ve been very quiet recently about what we’ve got planned for Euro Fishing, but now we’ve got enough solid progress to be able to get you all updated on our plans for the next few weeks.

Euro Fishing Patch:

We had originally hoped to release a patch that brought all platforms in line with one another, as we launched on PlayStation 4. In the process of developing that update for XBOX and PC we encountered a couple of critical issues that resulted in it being held back for more work. We then saw the severity of the “fish on land bug” and set about adding that fix to the overall update, so the whole patch has taken a little longer than we planned.

We know we’ve been incredibly quiet. It was important that as we got on with the update, we didn’t give you any incorrect information if we could avoid it. We do appreciate all the constructive feedback received and you’ve done some amazing bug reporting and idea giving.

So – that’s where we are at with a patch. Our small Fishing development team have been working hard on a development update for all three platforms, PC/XBOX/PS4. This update will address some of the bugs and issues you’ve carefully reported. We hope to be bringing you patch notes and a date of release for each platform as soon as we can, it’s currently close to done and going through rounds of testing.
Foundry Dock Add-On:

For those of you asking how the Foundry Dock Add-On is progressing, well, it’s very close to completion! We will be able to bring you a release date soon once it passes its first round of certification with the XBOX and PS4 platforms.

Thanks for all of your detailed feedback and your continued support of Euro Fishing, you guys are awesome!


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