Euro Fishing Lands on PlayStation 4!

Dovetail Games is delighted to announce that Euro Fishing is now available to purchase from the PlayStation store as a digital download in Europe, Australia and New Zealand with North America to follow later today.

Euro Fishing accurately replicates the feeling of real fishing from the comfort of your sofa. Welcome to the great indoors!

Whether you are an angling pro or a fishing novice Euro Fishing is the game for you with modes such as “Freedom Fishing” where you can practice on any of the 5 venues included in the game, fish at your own pace to try and catch the one of the many boss fish such as the “Big Plated” or the “Box Common” hiding below the surface or you can compete against friends and other liked minded anglers in our “Tournament Fishing” mode where catches are tracked and recorded in time limited matches to move up the global leader board.

To add that extra level of realism to the game, leading fish behaviour expert, Simon Scott provided advice and guidance to help ensure the fish AI for the game is as realistic as possible and with fully licensed tackle from world-leading manufacturers including Korda, Delkim, Mainline, Sonik Sports, RAD Angling, and Wofte Clothing the game has a true authentic edge.

Basic Cast Control
An entry level (power bar style) casting system for new users to experience the game before trying to master “Total Cast Control”

Total Cast Control
A full physics based casting system. For the first time in a fishing game, experience the feeling of casting with real fishing rods from your controller.

Tournaments and Multiplayer
Challenge your friends in a multiplayer tournament and compare catches in real time, or compete against AI in our hosted tournaments.

Stunning Locations
Five unique European venues await every fisherman, including real venues such as Digger Lakes and the famous St John’s Lake at Linear Fisheries, all recreated in magnificent detail.

Dynamic Weather and Time of Day
Set weather conditions to reflect real world settings or create your own preferences to affect how the fish behave.

Tackle Box
Customize your angling equipment for the best chance of landing the big catch; choose from a wide range of rods, reels, rigs and bait in thousands of possible combinations.

Read the water and its features, predict what the fish are going to be doing and cast from the bank or a peg for the best chance of a catch.

Dovetail Games Fishing

Welcome to Dovetail Games Euro Fishing, the next evolution in simulation entertainment. Join the community to discover and share in the latest news all about the greatest fishing game ever!


  • I have been watching my score total on the ps4 live tournament and it does not increase correctly to the weight of the fish i caught.

    • Hi Ben. Firstly, have you checked the rules of the competition each day – only certain species count in each tournament so if you catch a species that doesn’t count, it won’t show on your overall total. Secondly, the score will always show in metric in live tournaments even if your default setting is lbs and oz’s!

  • grate game but never seen fish climb up banks or over fences befour till I went on ps4.please help sort this.
    thank you.

  • when will the fish walking on land be sorted because I am sure that I am not the only one getting
    p****d off with this.The game is a grate game then the fish walk line snaps and when doing tournament you loose not just the fish you waste time.Please sort this as it puts you off thank you .

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