Euro Fishing Recap

Hi all,

We felt like it is a good time to go over the work we have done in Euro Fishing in the past 6 months. Hopefully this will help anyone with legacy issues or who may have missed patch notes when they were posted. You will see that a number of historical bugs have now been addressed.

Below is a full list of the fixes and improvements made to the core game in this time period. Look out for the next update coming soon.

  • Games engine has been upgraded to 4.15.
  • Fish swimming onto land has been addressed.
  • Line on the rod is now fully connected to the reel.
  • Multiplayer matchmaking UI has been updated.
  • Implementation of content add on system.
  • New lake add on available.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect boss fish thumbnails would be displayed in the Angler’s Log.
  • Fixed an issue where opening rod select widget, whilst reeling would cancel in reeling.
  • Improved times on loading screens.
  • Fixed bug where after picking up a rod with a fish on, the fish will instantly be lost.
  • High line tension with the clutch set to 0 should now occur less frequently.
  • Various text clipping issues have been fixed.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect button prompts would appear.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in some tackle shop items names.
  • Fixed bug where brands/logos would appear upside down on rods.
  • Fixed bug regarding cast lines when teleporting whilst holding a cast out rod.
  • Fixed issues that would sometimes prevent Academy tutorials from being completed.
  • Fixed multiple collision boxes on environmental assets.
  • Fixed issue regarding physics of the line when reeling in.


  • 4 new baits have been added to the tackle shop – Royal Marine, TNT, Atlantic Heat and Liver Pro.
  • Readjusted fish AI to prevent fish from taking baits too big for them.
  • Implemented server side loading screens.
  • Fixed issue where rig/bait would unrealistically bobble after first casting out.
  • Fixed issue in the challenges where score wasn’t always awarded after hitting a target.
  • Fixed issue regarding leaderboard navigation.
  • Fixed various localisation issues.
  • Fixed Academy crash


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