Euro Fishing Update Out Now!

We are pleased to announce the release of our newest update to Euro Fishing on PC and Xbox One. Don’t worry PlayStation users; your patch, which will be identical to the notes below, is in testing and we will announce its release date when we can.

With this patch we are excited to be able to tell you we have moved the “Catch Shot” camera so the images of you holding your prize catch should now be full frame and away from your rods.  We have added 9 new rigs in your tackle shop, the Krank (for gravel), Dark Matter (for silt) & and the Hinge Stiff (for weed) rigs from Korda. They are available in sizes 4, 6 and 8 and can be found in the Carp section of the Tackle Shop. In addition to this we have a new t-shirt available in the character creation from Cygnet Tackle. You will also notice new UI elements with the Main Menu bar being reworked and a DLC store tab being added to the game.

We have also made improvements to the water of the core lakes and have addressed the most commonly reported issue of the bait drifting so this should occur much less frequently now.

Full patch notes below.

  • 9 new rigs have been added to the Tackle Shop.
  • 1 new t-shirt has been added for character creation.
  • Catch shots have been updated to allow for larger fish to be fully in frame and rods not to be in picture.
  • Bait drifting has been improved so should happen less frequently.
  • Main menu bar has been updated with new menu icons.
  • Dovetail Store has been implemented in game to purchase DLC.
  • Water quality on the core game lakes has been updated.
  • Improvements have been made to how fish behave when fighting on the line.
  • Various minor bug fixes.


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