Finley Todhunter – A Year in Fishing part 2

Here is part 2 of Finley’s review of his 2017 fishing adventures….


When the day finally arrived I was ecstatic and could not wait! I met up with Adam at Manchester Airport where we were soon greeted by Frank Warwick and his son Guy. We had a few drinks and a good laugh before getting on the flight to Prague. We arrived in Prague and drove to Lake Katlov, arriving there around midnight. The atmosphere was electric despite the time. All the teams from different counties were up tying rigs and getting ready for the fishing to come. The first couple of days were spent getting ready, settled in and the draw which took place in a large cathedral in the heart of Kolin. It certainly wasn’t your average carp match!

Now I could go on forever about the fishing but to keep it short we were down towards the bottom of the leaderboard for the majority of the match so we decided a change was in order. The fishing was slow however we done something that you might not expect. We found a spot at 29 Wraps and then starting spodding. We took it in turns to constantly keep the bait going in for 2 or 3 hours. Afterwards we were exhausted but the rewards did come as we had multiple bites that final night and in the morning saw Adam land a chunk of 38lb which put us into 5th place.  I honestly believe if we had made the change just a few hours earlier or the event had lasted 12 more hours, we would have had a good shout of winning but hey, that’s life. It was our first time fishing in the event so 5th place was very reasonable – however this year we are going for Gold! I would like to thank Chris Thompson for being our coach, Frank for picking us and everyone else who was involved.

Back in England the summer had come along and after a few long hard weeks at school it was time for work experience. I am a strong believer in that you should follow your dreams and never go into a job that you will hate. Because of this I planned to do work experience with Nash Tackle. I chose this because in the future I am really wanting to go down the route of media and be involved in the angling trade so this fitted the bill. I got on the train from Cumbria and travelled down to London where I was to meet Lewis Porter, before he took me back to his place where I would be staying for the following week. Again the week was amazing and there is so much to write about but in a nutshell I learned so much and was very grateful to everyone at Nash for allowing me to do work experience. All the people who work for Nash have great personalities and made me feel like I was at home.

Again shortly after arriving back at home it was the summer holidays and time for another adventure. This year saw the Junior Carp Championships start at Windsor View Lakes so I booked a place. After talking to Adam Biddulph we thought that it would be a great idea to stop off at Linear Fisheries for 4 nights after the event, then after that we would go to his Syndicate for a couple of days to try and catch some of the beauties that reside in there. We also stopped off at Drayton Reservoir on the way back from Linear so overall it was a proper road trip all over the country! The adventure lasted just short of 2 weeks so again I am limited to how much I can write about it but if you want to watch a video on the trip and how it all unfolded then check out my YouTube channel, Fishing with Fin.

Like I have mentioned 100s of times throughout this blog, there is simply just too much to write about! Believe it or not but this is just a tip of the iceberg in comparison to everything else that has happened this year. I am very fortunate in the position I have found myself in this year and I am very grateful of it. I hope that you have had an amazing year angling and good luck for this winter.


Tight Lines,


Finley Todhunter


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