‘Losing Fish’

The recent update has seen a change to the fish behaviour which means that the fish are now able to spit the hook a lot easier than before (often referred to in the community as snapping the line (this is incorrect, it is the fish spitting the hook or the hook straightening, our line doesn’t snap)).

In the previous build of the game, if you were playing a fish and received a bite on another rod, the fish on this rod would swim around constantly with the alarm sounding until you picked it up. What happens now is that as the fish ‘runs away’ with the bait, it is able to spit the hook as the effect of picking up and reeling in the line hasn’t tightened the hook hold in the mouth. Therefore, if you get multiple bites and don’t pick one of the rods up, the fish will escape.

There are two primary ways of trying to combat the fish escaping; firstly, you can try playing both fish at the same time by switching between rods and wearing both out but the obvious risk is that you may lose both! The second option is to alter the simulation speed in game. The default setting is in essence an arcade mode where 1 day is equal to 1 hour of gameplay so multiple bites will be very common as the time passes by so quickly. You can alter the simulation speed all the way up to 1 day is the equivalent to 24 hours of gameplay which means the bites will come less frequently!

The decision to change how the fish reacts was to try to keep the game as realistic as possible, a fish would very rarely swim round and round a lake with your bait in its mouth waiting for you to reel it in! The fish was able to spit the hook previously but the amount of time it took for this to happen was a lot longer. However, as always, we would like to hear your views on it and if you feel this has made the game experience worse, we will look to revisit this system.

Thank you

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  • Look the game is great just need a place for the player to sit or something. Have these chairs but can’t use. Standing there doing nothing waiting for your pole to move takes a lot out of a gamer. Maybe a place to sit and help watch the poles would be awesome please. Other than that my dad and I both love the game. We both have for our Xbox ones

  • My Line Seems To Snap No Matter What If Your Hosting Or Not Pain In The Arse Now I Am Only Fishing With 1 Rod From Now On… No Point Having 3 Rods Out Until The Snapping Stops And The Game Still Crashes to Dashboard

    • I have to agree with you about 3 rods. But having 3 rods before the update didn’t help a helluva lot either with the thick lines. Cos they also just used to “snap” or low tension or whatever caused it. Even keeping the drag on 38 36 34 32 30 28 all the way to 12 didn’t help

    • Absolutly agree 3 rods is pretty much pointless since the update. Does nothin but frustrate you to hear/see yourself gettin snapped off every 2 mins. I think the update has made the game worse if anythin not better i mean come everyone likes realistic but not when its like this after all its a computer game we shouldnt have to spend ridiculous ammounts of time fighting a single fish and also it isnt very realistic when u get a take on a 20mm tiger nut off a 12oz roach it just wouldn’t happen lol also the problem with smurfy on the profile is now sorted but now one of the new ghost carp doesnt even have its correct name im dreading hooking one of the monster cats it will take a ridiculous time to land it and with the update how it is landing a monster cat will be almost impossible the fish get rid of the hooks far too easy now.

  • Since the update I find that the fish is spitting the hook a lot and it’s getting frustrating. Sometimes when I pick up the rod the tension goes straight into red before there is even any tension on the line and I have my tension level set at 2. Also major problem still with fish walking off up the bank. Get it sorted dovetail because it’s starting to feel like I’ve been ripped off with this game. Since the update it’s almost near impossible to land a damn fish

  • Привет Всем, если возможно исправьте баг на платформе PS4. СКАЖЕМ я должен 100% вытащить рыбу но рыба выходить в сушу рыба сорвалось, исправьте этот баг, плюс можете добавить музыку в игру, или сделать разнообразие турниры, но основном все хорошо

  • Would like to have different types of lead weights/sizes as as fishing on margins or anywhere that slops the hairrig/bait constantly moves so having bigger/heavier leads would stop this. Also grates me always seeing a float on the line instead of lead and hair rig when carp fishing.Is it to much to ask for in game catapult especially for close range as using spod is so monotonous! Would also be great to have a bait boat. Another huge thing in carp fishing is fishing off the top, give us floating dog biscuits.

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