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Congratulations to fender101 who caught Pale Tail from St John’s at 47lbs!


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  • loving the game , looking forward to not losing fish up the bank, would really like to know how to have my boss pics entered for fish of the day. would also like it if half the massive fish like Cheetah weren’t missing their heads etc in the ‘captured , ready for release ‘ screen position on xbox one , not sure if it is just my tv etc , but ratio / image is fine on all other games on the same tv, is almost like cameraman is 5 – 10 feet too close to angler when taking image, needs to be farther away for larger fish 😉 i have many ideas for content that could come into this game , it has soo much potential and i look forward to seeing how much of that you guys can extract 🙂 You’re doing a great job considering the small size of the team, so keep up the good work and keep the anglers among us that are not able to reach the lake side, having fun and catching fish .

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