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We’re starting to look at our 6th venue….

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Dovetail Games Fishing

Welcome to Dovetail Games Euro Fishing, the next evolution in simulation entertainment. Join the community to discover and share in the latest news all about the greatest fishing game ever!


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    What Price Will The DLC lake Be, Or Will It Be FREE ! For The Inconvenience ?

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      what inconvenience Bigtimer J?

      • Profile photo of SK

        Love the game on ps4. All the other games I play have been temporarily dumped.

        • Profile photo of Dovetail Games Fishing

          really pleased you are enjoying it – thank you for the positive feedback!

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    Looks good guys cant wait to see it in game keep on going with the good work ! 🙂

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      Had a great couple of sessions on Spanish lake. I caught Mowgally, Scar, Smurfy and FishyMcFishFace, Fatboy, Biggs and last but by no means least I caught Clarence. Happy days #tightlines

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        Anybody got any good advice about catching a specimen bream?? I have a specimen from all the other in game species but I just can’t catch a bream of 10lb or above!!! 🙁

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      Jesteś Polakiem

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