PS4 Patch Out Now!

Dear All

We are pleased to say that our first patch is now available for the PlayStation 4. This significant update see’s many improvements and fixes to the core game. Significant improvements have been made to collision issues which caused fish swimming onto land. We have also fully connected the line to the reel which now spins with the bail arm.

The full list of notes are as follows;

  • Games engine has been upgraded to 4.15.
  • Fish swimming onto land has been addressed.
  • Line on the rod is now fully connected to the reel.
  • Multiplayer matchmaking UI has been updated.
  • Implementation of content add on system.
  • New lake add on available.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect boss fish thumbnails would be displayed in the Angler’s Log.
  • Fixed an issue where opening rod select widget, whilst reeling would cancel in reeling.
  • Improved times on loading screens.
  • Fixed bug where after picking up a rod with a fish on, the fish will instantly be lost.
  • High line tension with the clutch set to 0 should now occur less frequently.
  • Various text clipping issues have been fixed.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect button prompts would appear.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in some tackle shop items names.
  • Fixed bug where brands/logos would appear upside down on rods.
  • Fixed bug regarding cast lines when teleporting whilst holding a cast out rod.
  • Fixed issues that would sometimes prevent Academy tutorials from being completed.
  • Fixed multiple collision boxes on environmental assets.
  • Fixed issue regarding physics of the line when reeling in.



  • It does seem to play a lot better since this update! Good work.

  • Ist ein witz ganz ehrlich. Ihr fixxed das problem mit der Schnur/Rolle so das die mit laeuft. Warum zum teufel macht ihr die Spule nicht in der Farbe der Schnur, damit es wenigstens so aussieht das da die Schnur auf/ab laeuft??

    Und wie waers wenn der Spieler selber sein Charakter zurecht stellt und nicht vorgeschrieben kriegt ob er mit Ali Hamidi, Tom Dove oder co spielt.

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