We’ve been busy bug fixing!

As well as working on major updates to the game we have also been busy squishing the bugs that appear in our game. Imminently, we will be releasing a patch update that will be fixing some of the bugs that have been causing us all some issues. What you should notice from this update is the following;

  • Some distance challenges are impossible to complete at the moment, but not anymore!
  • Some of the fish are so greedy that they have been taking baits from rods resting on banksticks that haven’t been cast out yet but we’ve stopped them doing that.
  • When purchasing items from the tackle box, the next available piece of equipment would disappear if you followed a specific sequence but that has been fixed.
  • We all know how important it is to conceal your line in the water as much as possible so that it doesn’t spook the fish so we have fixed the line being visible all the way under the water surface!

A full list of bug fixes in this update are as follows;

  • Multiplayer host’s tension meter and pause menu not working with the host generally losing several functionalities over time.
  • Line does not completely fade away under the water surface.
  • Value of completed challenges and single player tournaments increase on every instance of viewing profile page.
  • 25lbs and 18lbs lines missing from tackle box.
  • Leaving peg warning is displayed when finishing Tutorial 1 – The Basics.
  • Challenge and single player tournament statistics can be misleading
  • The claim peg UI remains after casting a rod.
  • Fish attracted by bait from rods not cast out.
  • Player doesn’t load in-game with equipped float tackle.
  • Korda 25lb Supernatural too cheap in shop – changed from 600 to 6000 tp.
  • Distance challenges almost impossible to complete.

These bug fixes have been made at the same time as working on the two major features that we have announced, Xbox One version and an additional casting system. Important updates and announcements will be made on these features in the coming weeks so keep checking ‘Under the Water.’

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  • XBOX version is in disarray. In my opinion (doesn’t mean much to most) this game/sim is poorly done. Would have expected a better product from professionals. I hope you realize the damage done to your customer relations within the XBOX community. I wish you the best of luck as you may need it (luck I mean).

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